Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Tattoos have been a part of modern culture for the past 5000 years. This was discovered back in 1991 when a caveman was cracked out of ice and determined to be 5000 years old with significant tattoos on his body. The word "TATTOO" was derived from the polynesian word "TA" meaning striking something and the Tahitian word "TATU" -"to mark something". For whatever reason tattoos have always been a part of modern culture, weather it is for identification purposes, traditional purposes, or even pure enjoyment of the art aspect of the tattoo, modern culture has always kept the ancient tradition of "ink" and "skin" in mainstream trends. I have always been intrigued by this ancient ritual and have, so far, managed to get myself "INKED" four times. In a time where style and trends come and go and technology is always trying to out do itself, I have always been fascinated and impressed with the culture and people that paved the way for my generation, "GENERATION X". The "OLD SCHOOL" generations, the "Roaring 20's," the "Great Depression", the "Rock and Roll age of the 50's" and the parents of my generation the "Baby Boomers". These were the people that made "modern culture" what it is today. It was a time when respect was given and not earned. Where "Class" and "Morals" were the focal point and family and tradition was the bloodline of American culture. It was a time where the television brought families together to watch The Andy Griffith Show, Gun Smoke, The Duke, I Love Lucy, and if u wanted to get a thrill while your kids were in bed there was always Rod Sterling's "Twighlight Zone." It was a time where the "ThunderBird" and "Impala" were the dream cars and great music consisted of "Frank Sinatra", "Elvis Presely" and "The Beatles". Modesty and pleated skirts were adorned by sweet, submissive women and girls that dreamed about staying pure for that one man they desire to take care of and get old with. While the "IPHONE", "HD TELIVISION", "WI-FI INTERNET", and a "HUMMER H3" are on top of society's wish list, I look down at my "Chuck Taylors" and enjoy the memory of where it all began. It was a time capsule of life that I will always remember and keep close to my heart. No matter what the trend, style, or technolgy, tattoos will always be a part of history and modern culture. They are a timeless reminder of identification or a way to express your thoughts and emotions. Tattoos are hated by some and embraced by others. Each and every one of my four "tatts" are special to me in their own way and are an expression of the story of my life. I just recieved my fourth tattoo on my 30th birthday to salute an American generation, a part of history, and every member......... of the"OLD SCHOOL."

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

"30 Sumthin"

In 1977 Elvis Presley "The King Of Rock and Roll" decided to get "High" and never come down. The man responsible for introducing a whole new culture of music and the way we live as a society. With life in the palm of one hand and money, women, drugs and anything else both you and I can only dream of in the other hand, the "King of Rock and Roll" left it all for pleasures unknown..........30 years ago a legend that had no clue of his impact for generations to come ended his life while my life was just about to start. In two weeks I turn 30 and though my life does not compare to the "riches" and "pleasures" of one Elvis Presley, I still live smack dab in the middle of the culture produced by the legend that we still refer to as "The King of Rock and Roll". 30 years ago on October 1, 1977 my journy began. My life has been a roller coaster ride of twists and turns. I've been half way around the world and back, I've got stories of success, I've got stories of failure and in the midst of all my twists and turns in this journey I call life my greatest fear is the "Mid Life Crisis". No I am not depressed because I know eventhough I have as many issues as the next person my life does not consist of drugs and false hope. I enjoy the friends that i bring smiles and happiness to, I enjoy the way I can make people laugh, and I also enjoy the culture of music and life that the "King of Rock" introduced me to 30 years ago. This is my BLOG.......any emotion or opinion is welcome, wheather you feel like your world's caving in on you or you just want to vent your frustration, go ahead and make a statement, because the greatest joy I have is making people laugh.....and that my friend is the best way for me to deal with the ups and downs of this adventure we call life.